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The College Cost Time Bomb & How to Defuse It is a one hour educational presentation for large or small groups of parents and guidance counselors.


  • Knowledge That Can Save You Thousands of Dollars
  • Copy of New Book in Easy to Use Workbook Form
  • Specific Online Resources and Easy Tools
  • Ongoing Financial Aid Education via Email
  • Financial Aid “Things to Do” Timeline & Reminders
  • Scholarship Credits of up to 25% the Total Cost of Tuition


  • Spend Less Time on Parents’ Financial Aid Questions
  • Help More Students Afford Their Favorite Colleges
  • Rave Reviews from Happy Parents

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What You Will Learn in the Book and at Presentations

Advanced College Planning Solutions

  • The Truth About What Any College Costs
  • What are the Most Generous Colleges
  • How to Calculate What Colleges Expect You to Pay
  • How to Avoid Financial Aid Form Mistakes
  • Ways to Reduce Your Family’s Expected Contribution
  • How to Negotiate for a Better Financial Aid Package
  • Where to Get Scholarships and Grants
  • An Easy Way to Get More FREE Money
  • How Much to Borrow
  • Where to Learn About Advanced Strategies