Start Earning Up to $80,000 in College Scholarships for Your High School Achievements.

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36 students at Haverford Senior High School have already earned $8,669,758 in scholarships.

1. Sign Up and Add Activities Grades, Classes, Sports, Tests, Leadership, Volunteering

2. Watch Money Pile Up While Your Motivation to Do Even Better Increases 

3. You Cash In at Participating Colleges Where You Have been Admitted

September 18, 2015

High Schooler Earns $80,000 For College: No Job Required

Startup develops program that allows high school students to start banking college scholarship money.  Parents are thrilled by their children's accomplishments. 

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$ 80000 How Much Can You Earn?


  • Get an A ($25 - $1000 per course)
  • Get a B ($50 - $600 per course)
  • Take an AP or IB Course ($75 - $2,500 per course)
  • Take an Honors or Advanced Course ($25 - $1,250 per course)
  • Take 2+ Foreign Language Courses ($20 - $3,000 per course)


  • Participate in an Extracurricular Activity ( $10 - $300 per year)
  • Leadership Role in an Extracurricular Activity ($50 - $1,500/year)
  • Participate in a Sport ($10 - $300 per year)
  • Leadership Role in a Sport ($50 - $1,500 per year)
  • Volunteer in Community for 10+ Total Hours ($15 - $7,500)
  • National Honor Society ($15 - $500)


  • Take an AP Exam ($50 - $1,500 per exam
  • Take the PSAT or ACT Plan ($100 - $1,000)
  • PSAT Score of 95+ or ACT Plan Score 14 + ($10 - $5,000)
  • Take the SAT or ACT ($1,000)
  • SAT Score 1350+ or ACT Score 19+ ($25 - $16,000)

You can also earn $1,000s more for college application activities and referring friends.


Strath Haven High School's students have earned $6,100,000


Reinforces  Positive Behavior


Shortens Students' Feedback Loop


Promote Clear Achievable Goals


Rewards Inputs, Not Just Outputs


Builds a College Going Culture

Julie Spak Admissions Officer

This program is backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, University of Pennsylvania, and Facebook because it is based on research that indicates students get better grades, participate in extra-curricular activities more, and take college application steps more seriously when their actions are visibly related to the amount of scholarship funding they instantly receive.

- Julie Spak, former Admissions Official and Guidance Counselor

$ 46888444 How Much Will Students At Your School Earn?


1. Parents Sign Up Children
 Parents Can Sign Up Their Children & Help Add Activities

2. Watch Money Pile Up Parents Relax While Students Do Better in School & Earn

3. Parents Save Money
Students Pay for Their Own College. Parents Rejoice!


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute supports the efforts to reach and motivate bright students for whom micro-scholarships will turn a college education from a dream into a reality.​ - Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

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University of Rochester is excited to use micro-scholarships as a way to connect with and motivate students earlier in high school. We believe this innovative approach to scholarships will benefit students and colleges across the country. - Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
The University of Delaware is proud to future and support bright students who dare look to the future and see themselves as scholars. - Director of Admissions

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Samuel Ingersoll-Weng Author, Paying Less for College

This program is a win-win for students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators. - Samuel Ingersoll-Weng, Author, Paying Less for College

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Frank DeLuccia Accountant

We have rolled these programs out to my accounting firm's 2,000 clients. Parents save tons of money on the cost of tuition. Kids are motivated to work harder in school when they instantly see how much each activity earns them. We get to advise families on how to best position themselves for financial aid and protect their income and assets from colleges and government taxes.