1. College Financial Aid Planning

ipadlt_823x978Forms, deadlines, more forms, more deadlines, decisions, the process is stressful. Let us help you do it right so that you are spending as little in out of pocket costs and help you position you and your student to maximize as much financial aid as possible. High school guidance counselors are not licensed nor trained to give families financial advice. Let us help you construct a personalized paying for college strategy.

2. Comprehensive College and Retirement Planning

Typically, families wait until the last minute to do college financial planning and end up destroying their life savings, home equity, and retirement savings – as well as incurring thousands of dollars in student loans. We help avoid these disasters through personalized 1-on-1 education and planning meetings.

We will help you construct a customized paying for college strategy that meets your families specific needs without jeopardizing your retirement.